Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Marmite- loved by English Hated by Danes?

Marmite? Too many vitamins? Boycott Danish Bacon?
Marmite Ban - Too many vitamins?: Backlash!

Following the Ban on Marmite in Denmark (Guardian Tues 24 May) there has been a backlash against the Danish Authorities who apparently banned it for having too many vitamins!

There is even now a call for Marmite Lovers to retaliate by boycotting Danish Bacon (hurray!) and Lego!

The Danish Authorities are now claiming that they haven't 'banned' it just used the legislation to get marmite removed from shop shelves in Denmark.

Vegan Pirates of the Carob Bean are calling not only a boycott of Danish products but a symbolic burning of Danish Bacon, Lurpak Butter and Havarti Cheese at Bristol Vegfest this weekend 

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