Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Healthy BK Veggieburger? You aint got it!

Sorry Burger King and Kelloggs but you just don't get it.

Most vegetarians and vegans are doing it for ethical reasons. (over 40% so you are unlikely to win their hearts with a burger with GM ingredients and battery farmed eggs.

If you think your customers want it healthy then again the health conscious consumers know that battery eggs aren't healthy and avoid GM foods just cause their safety is unproven so a good reason to give up meat (animals eat GM soya) is a good reason not to eat morning star.

You got it Burger King ? Nice try but could do better - No Vegetarian Society Approval for this one - sorry guys.

Vegetarians 'HAVE IT YOUR WAY(R)!': " BATTLE CREEK, Mich., May 17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Kellogg Company and
Burger King Corporation announced they have launched a new BK VEGGIE(R) Burger
in BURGER KING(R) restaurants throughout the United States. The new burger
features a patty produced by Kellogg's Morningstar Farms division, and will
give consumers a new vegetarian choice when they eat out.
BURGER KING restaurants, already known for allowing consumers to customize
their burgers, will give the same HAVE IT YOUR WAY(R) options to diners who
purchase the new BK VEGGIE Burger from Morningstar Farms. Burger King
Corporation is the only national quick service restaurant to offer a
vegetarian burger nationally.
'Consumers have told us that when they eat out they want the vegetarian
options and great taste that Morningstar Farms gives them at home,' said Alan
Gravely, vice president marketing, Kellogg's Frozen Foods, 'We are excited
that our relationship with Burger King Corporation will enable consumers to
balance the convenience of dining out with their nutrition and diet

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