Friday, May 20, 2005

Free Vegetarians sex with vegetables movie

Really Rude Food

The Vegetarian Society have ressurected that fantastic movie that they made with The Co-op Bank in the 1990's Steve Connor days with the rudest sexiest food that you've ever seen a vegetarian play with. If I remember right this got a 15 certificate by the British Censures the first time around. PeTA have used this too.

I guess times change but the old classics never die. This is a vegetarian society message that really could change your life. You will never see a chilii, an asparagus or rice in the same way ever again.

Who knows this may even beat the Paris Hilton video in the viral charts.


Anonymous said...

How rude can a young, fresh, tender, juicy, naked, smooth, well oiled, vegetable get ? Group vegetable sex teenage gang bang?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

vegetarian vegetable pornography !

Shame on the Vegetarian Society!