Thursday, May 19, 2005

Gordon Ramsay is Hell for Vegetarians

There's seems to be only one thing Gordon Ramsay hates more than vegetarians and that's traffic wardens. He once said he'd rather work for the vegan society than be traffic warden.

But there's nothing he seems to find funnier than poisoning vegetarians with a sneaky bit of meat.

"one day he's going to kill someone or be sued" says Tony Bishop Weston from Foods For Life. If he's as cavalier with a little bit of butter as he is with a little bit of meat someone allergic to dairy could end up in hospital. There is new legislation going through europe which may result in chefs doing this sort of thing ending up in jail.

Herts24: "To make matters worse, Mr Ramsay is also shown laughing and making jokes after giving an unsuspecting vegetarian a pizza with Parma ham in it at a public tasting session in Lanterna.

'Whether it was accidental or deliberate we don't know, but to take the attitude that it was funny is very disrespectful,' said Tina Fox, chief executive of The Vegetarian Society.

'Why he thinks it's so amusing I don't know. Would he find it equally amusing if an anaphylactic customer died at the table due to eating nuts?'

Owner Mr Scott admitted: 'It wasn't pleasant for the poor chap, and it wasn't intentional, but we did find it funny afterwards.'"

Tony - Foods For Life


Hazy said...

Ramsay is such an idiot. The news would be all over it if he gave, say, a Jewish customer pork on purpose, and vegetarianism should be given the same status as religion in my opinion - it is (usually) a moral decision, which people feel strongly about. It is EASY to eat meat, most people do and sure, it's tasty. Vegetarians are making a personal sacrifice for their beliefs and finding it 'funny' to subvert that is just sick.

creeksneakin said...

Ramsay is a very sick man. He needs to be thrown in jail or institutionalized. Companies are no better. They hide behind "natural flavors" and "Enzymes" in their ingrediant lists so that it is impossible to know what you are eating. By law allergens have to be listed, I just want to kno who the heck is representing vegetarians in Washington. We are the only ones who dont have rights to what we put in our bodies.