Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fat Bug - Virus Causes Obesity Epidemic?

fat bug obesity virusDaily Express - Obesity bug you can catch These were the headlines - Researchers believe that an airborne “adenovirus” germ could be causing the fat plague that is blighting Britain and other countries.

"nonsense" says weight loss expert Yvonne Bishop-Weston from Foods for Life Nutritionists.

Even the lead researcher admitted "telling people to avoid catching a virus would be useless"

"There is some evidence that suggests viruses like this could make things worse" says Yvonne "but it's certainly not the cause. Obesity is mainly due to eating too many foods that have low or virtually no practical nutritional value, the after effects of stress and sitting in front of computers all day and TVs all night"

The weight loss queen says that she has never had anyone who she couldn't help to sustainably lose weight. She points out it's not as simple as calories in and calories out, diets and exercise and there are factors such as hormone imbalances that can thwart weight loss. However "getting the body and especially the digestive system working properly and eating what you need rather than whatever you see advertised in high street windows is pretty much a failsafe strategy."


Tonya said...

Hi tony, If thier were a virus causing obesity i would not worry due to the fact i take a anti-viral fruit and am protected. You do relize as soon as a number of people are afflicted they can label it a disease and then get funding to come up with a pill. I was raised a vegatarian and am trully blessed with the knoledge that we trully are what what we eat. I have soon found out that we are also what we absorb. As a massage therapist, i have come to learn that what we place on our skin makes it to our orgin's in 26 second's. And that natural mean's nothing.For example Toms of maine deoderant. Propeleene-glycol (anti-freeze).this is a common ingredient in moisturiser also. whitening toothpaste (drano). I have recently became involved with a company that has sighned the Envornmental working group's pact to provide product's that are not only toxin free but cause no harm to the envornment in the making of such. They opened their doors in 2002 with the pantent and introduction of a fruit that had at the time 30 years of studies to back it's potient nutrient's one studie showed the fruit strong abillity to remove heavy TOXINS from the body. I have met people who before could not have children and are now with child. Due to a Harvard studie proving this patented fruit killed the cancer cell i tryed to post on sites like patient's like me and they have both terminated my membership. I think due to the fact that million's will be lost in donation's and ton's of jobs lost if a true cure were known. I'm not sure if you all know of the 1977 regulation's stating that no medical claim can be made on a food and once something is labeled a disiese it MUST be treated with a drug. My friend joy a Vegan due to the palpaloma viris developed cancer on her cervix. Drank this patented juice and when she went back to have the cancer removed, reported to me that the doctor had nothing to remove and the sighn's of the viris were disapating. I have since read the pub-med studies and was not surprised when they showed this fruit to have anti-viral properties. My mom a vegatarian also devoloped cancer once again that diet alone is not enough. She also drank the juice and is cancer free. Due to the fact that this company could not advertize the medical finding decided to go word of mouth at the same time paying 50 cents on the dollar to thier member's recommending it. thier patent insure's that no one else would be able to use the medicinal part's and that we would have a product that outshine's the rest. thier newest product is the only skin care line that is trully toxin free. As long as women contine to poison themselves with toxic skin care they will contine to have body that are homonially screwed up. I am leaving a few link's to view and ferther investigate what i have found to be the most honest and truthfull company out thier. and to view the skin care and what doctor's say about toxin's in our skin care ending up in baby's my e-mail

Bird* said...

maybe people should stop feeding themselves and their children doritos, twinkies, pizza puffs, cheesburgers, french fries and coke and start feeding themselves and their kids fresh fruits, vegetables, home-cooked (not frozen), organic, fresh, unprocessed food.

f'n fat people always trying to place plame somewhere when they know they eat like s*it

100% said...

, I've alway's said to my children when they wanted frootloop's ect.. You may like it but it dosent like you. This fat bug is one more way to get more money for a drug to help people lose weight. 1977 regulation's state once somthing is labeled a disease it MUST be treated with a drug. and that know medical claim can be made on a food. So with no money reccomending grapes and carrots what is left. Find a parasite to blame and then $ for resurch will be needed.