Thursday, January 29, 2009

Food & Drink - Brighton Vegan Fayre

Food & Drink - Brighton Vegan Fayre - The World's 2nd Biggest Vegan Fayre!!

vegan fish and chips Menus are now up on the Vegan Fayre Website.

That should get some of the Brighton and South East of England folk out of their beds if nothing else purely out of intrigue - Vegan Seaside Fish and Chips???? Pirate Food? Cowboy Food?


Bird* said...

are you aware of Raw Spirit?

Tony - FoodsforLife said...

yes, but The Brighton Centre is owned by Brighton Council and has contract caterers ..........

I thought we did well to have any raw dishes included at all.

The festival is anyway aimed at Joe Bloggs and Jane Doe

Festivals are all about indulgence anyway - Raw food is every day stuff - not for Saturdays - unless you are at Saf in Shoreditch