Monday, September 08, 2008

Writers Needed for New Vegan Magazine!

Off the Hoof - New Vegan Magazine

Dr John Briffa: Off the hoof | Life and style | The Observer - OFF THE HOOF!

Fancy yourself as a writer? Good with words? A budding journalist looking for an editor prepared to publish more 'challenging' controvesial articles?

The pun 'Off the Hoof' may have first been publicised by Dr John Briffa in an article in The Observer about giving up beef. He probably nicked it from someone else. Whatever the origins of this vegan pun it's now been adopted as the Title for a new irreverant vegan magazine full of fun and frollocks with a mission to entertain rather than bore.

'Off the Hoof' is from the same horse-free stable* that brings you The Bristol Vegan Fayre (May 09) The Brighton Vegan Festival (March 09) The Vegan Guide to Bristol and of course all those delicious essentially nutritious Hemp food products and cruelty free hemp cosmetic products.

First issue of 'Off the Hoof' is due out on World Vegan Day 1st November

If you are interested in advertising or submitting articles for something rather out of the ordinary then contact Frank, Tim or Charlie at Yaoh 01179239053

Off the Hoof Adult Content

Off The Hoof - New Vegan Magazine and Off the Hoof on Ethical Junction

* Though with all those blokes in one 'office' I'm sure it might not always smell horse free!

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