Sunday, September 21, 2008

Something Fishy at Vegetarian Society

vegetarian Society Common sense defeated by apathy amongst Vegetarian Society Members

Campaigners from www.poor had provided Vegetarian Society members with a unique opportunity to help put a stop to the increased use of 'Battery Milk' in the food industry and the tragic situation of a increased numbers of dairy cows sentanced to a short tortuous life as 'battery cows'.

50 votes were all that were needed at the 2008 Vegetarian Society AGM. Less than 50 votes from amongst the 10,500 Vegetarian Society members would have beaten the block vote from Vegetarian Society trustees, staff, family and friends. However only a handful of members bothered to register their vote.

A sad day for vegetarianism

The Vegetarian Society AGM voted

To continue to approve products made from battery milk, from cows fed GM food and against introducing animal welfare standards that vegetarians can be proud of.

The Vegetarian Society voted for continuing the status quo that mean's that Paul McCartney's Vegetarian Society has the lowest animal welfare standards for cows in the UK - even lower than Vegetarian baiting F Word TV chef Gordon Ramsay.

Concerns were raised at the AGM about falling VSUK membership numbers since McDonalds were added to the list of clients. It was suggested that since it was now so easy to be a vegetarian the need for a Vegetarian Society has lessened.

If the vegetarian society even refuses to take steps to stop the increase in ill treatment of dairy cows, the epitome of British vegetarianism, then it begs the question "what is the point of the Vegetarian Society?"

Luckily there are a host of other organisations such as Viva!, Animal Aid, CIWF, RSPCA, The Vegan Society, and smaller groups such as VEGA and Movement for Compassionate Living ready to take The Vegetarian Society's place as the UK's no 1 voice for the animals.

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