Monday, September 22, 2008

Peace One Day

peace one day
Peace One Day

Jeremy Gilley has restored my faith in humanity. I'm a pretty optimistic guy but with so many cynics in the world, with so much apathy, it does wear you down sometimes - you can't help yourself but secretly doubt that you'll ever succeed.

Even though that driving force still burns within you that make 'doing nothing' simply not an option the excuse of "it'll never work" is always there haunting you, taunting you, ridiculing you.

So when a guy stood up like Jeremy Gilley, for me, and I suspect the thousands of others at The Peace One Concert in the Royal Albert Hall it got quite emotional.

Anger, frustration, relief, pure tearful joy and most importantly HOPE.

Thank goodness for people like Jeremy Gilley - May his , and our dream come true - for all life, for all people - peace one day soon. Watch the trailer video - Peace One Day - Peace One Day Myspace x

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