Monday, September 01, 2008

FBI Infiltrated Vegan Groups?

FBI tracking Vegans - Infiltrating groups
» Vegan Moles Wanted. Contact Your Local FBI Office - Foolocracy: Government by fools, silliness and unintelligent people

It seems the FBI are desperate to find out just what it is exactly that is the attraction of this extreemist, environmentally friendly, ethical, healthier movement that is sweeping the world.

They are trying to infiltrate vegan pot luck dinners by recruiting 'moles' to report back to them.

Don't dismiss this as merely another conspiracy theory!

1) 10 high profile vegans in Austria were arrested in July and are still being held without charge (see earlier Post)

2) The UK Vegan Society has recently made a statement (after the deadline to submit motions to the Vegan Society AGM that could have overturned it) that from now on they will allow the term "May Contain Milk" on packaging alongside their Vegan Society approved logo.

3) VPSG has a list of current UK vegan prisoners of conscience. In recent years a number of UK activists have been arrested merely for campaigning on animal rights issues.

It is now very dangerous to publically criticize multinational pharmaceutical companies and their subsidiaries so beware.

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