Tuesday, April 01, 2008

World’s First Human In Vitro Meat available online

April 1st 2008 - World's first lab grown human meat available online But is it vegetarian?

human meat

So we now have the world's first laboratory grown meat for sale online. No animal suffering as no brain involved but is it vegetarian? Well nothing has been killed so by the definitions of the UK Vegetarian Society I guess the answer is "Yes!"

Whether it will ever be awarded the Vegetarian Seedling symbol logo is another matter.

But is it vegan? The Vegan Society guidance is to avoid all animal products and humans are from within the animal kingdom rather than the plant kingdom so probably technically no.

There are exceptions - The official Vegan society answer to the age old question "is it OK to swallow as a vegan" is "if you want to" although it's generally accepted that the donor should be vegan too as much for taste purposes as anything else. Bodily fluids such as breast milk are considered completely natural and vegan providing there's no exploitation involved. So thus human milk for a mother's baby, yes - camembert cheese made from human milk milked from a poorly paid chinese mothers sitting in a factory connected to pumps probably wouldn't get passed the Vegan Society council.

Our guidance ? Forget it ! The whole idea is Yucky! There are so many vegan alternatives to meat out there - this year at The Bristol Vegan Fayre on 1st June there will not just be the usual burgers but a 10kg Vegan Hog Roast being BBQ'd to celebrate National Vegetarian Week and National BBQ Week.


Tony - FoodsforLife said...

At last a possible practical productive use for The Bitch Doctor

g.desilets said...

Cannibalism leads to mad cow disease for cows, human mad cow disease for humans ... Infected proteins, prions, can cause Parkinson, Eilzheimer, variants of the Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease....