Friday, April 11, 2008

Politics: Vegetarian Party Fight for London seat

BBC NEWS | Politics | Animals party eyes City Hall seat

animals count

Vegetarian Animal Rights party Animals Count are campaigning hard for a seat on the London Assembly.Their sister party in Holland already have elected members but the UK have some catching up to do.

Jasmine de Boo, 32, is the first person to stand in a UK election for the Animals Count party and hopes to pick up votes from disillusioned animal lovers.

The Dutch national, who lives in Kennington, south London, stood in the European elections for Holland's Party for Animals.

jasmine de boo Ms de Boo, who works for an animal welfare charity, came to the UK shortly afterwards and founded Animal Counts, which she says has more than 100 members - mostly in London and Wales.

She hopes to pick up votes from Londoners who are "disappointed and disillusioned" with the main parties and says it is "possible" to pick up 5% of the vote - enough to secure the deposit.

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