Friday, March 28, 2008

Vegatopia: Promoting ethical veganism through academic research and teaching.

new vegan website

Just when you thought 2008 couldn't get any more veganically exciting some very clever people in Wales have started an awesome new vegan website

Vegatopia: Promoting ethical veganism through academic research and teaching.

Announcing a multi-disciplinary academic resource

Vegatopia is dedicated to providing a comprehensive academic resource on all things vegan. If you are a student, researcher or teacher interested in any aspect of veganism, then Vegatopia is the site for you. We hope to facilitate new areas of research into issues relating to veganism. We want vegatopia to be an interactive forum for dialogue, informing individual and collaborative research and teaching, as well as making a contribution to vegan activism and having a positive impact on veganism in a wider sense.

The website includes:

• A news page with information about vegan academic activities, such as conferences, seminars, publications or courses.

• A diary with alerts to upcoming talks and other events.

• A comprehensive, interdisciplinary bibliography. We have archived over 1500 references relevant to the theory and practice of veganism. The bibliography is searchable according to keywords, such as ‘social research’ or ‘activism’.

• A list of significant media sources relevant to veganism, including print, television and radio broadcasts, films and music.

• A set of resources for research and teaching veganism in academia, including the text or notes of lectures on veganism, conference papers, theoretical notes, and other unpublished work.

• A research forum, inviting discussion of ideas for future academic work to research and promote ethical veganism.

• An archive of public statements on vegan matters.

• Links to other organizations promoting veganism, including activist groups, educational charities and more.

Interested in joining vegatopia, or finding out more?

Contact us:

Dr. Matthew Cole
matthew.cole @
School of City and Regional Planning
Cardiff University

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