Wednesday, April 02, 2008

YouTube - EXCLUSIVE: Queen Rania

YouTube - YOUTUBE EXCLUSIVE: Send me your stereotypes:

Queen Rania of Jordan launches a plea for understanding and tolerance.

Vegans and vegetarians should be able to relate to problems caused by stereotypes and being shoved in a box. Sadly some vegetarians and vegans don't use that learning to extend the lesson of a need for tolerance and understanding and pass it on. Maybe it's about time we did. The roots of vegetarian and vegan philosphy are based in this concept of goodwill to all (including animals) and humanitarianism are the bedrock of the movement. A little more learning, a little more understanding or overstanding to quote Benjamin Zephaniah won't hurt anyone.


Patouch said...

Hello… my name is Patil, im from Lebanon, im Armenian but ive been living with Arabs all my life and i can honestly say that not all Arabs are like people all over the world think but unfortunately the majority still live in a box…
And just to prove that I would like to show you this particular thing that happened recently you see Im a B.E.T.A Activist (Beirut of the Ethical Treatment of the Animal) and our B.E.T.A site recently has been hacked by terrorist!

This is the site:

can some one plz explain this to me?

And this is my group VEGETARIANS in facebook if anyone would like to join and leave his or her comment:

Tony - FoodsforLife said...

I've heard of your group - is it not one of the ones supported by the LUSH charity Pot ??