Thursday, August 09, 2007

Vegans Beat Carnivores in Battle of The Kruger

battle of the Kruger Battle of The Kruger

YouTube - Battle at Kruger

If ever you needed an example of the power of numbers or are seeking inspiration for the potential power of veganism then watch this video.

A pride of lions (the ultimate carnivore) creep up on a herd of water buffalo (Vegan Herbivores) and kidnap a baby calf. After a tussle with two crocadiles the pride settle down to their supper but the baby buffalo is having none of it and keeps kicking and shouting to his dad. The vegetarian water buffalo regroup, charge and the calf's dad tosses a lion in the air and chases the othes off helped by some of the other older fiercer bulls.

Calf rescued and reunited with his family safe in the centre of the herd the water buffalo proceed to chase the rest of the lions away from the watering hole to leave only the crocadiles to contend with.

AWESOME! In another You Tube Video A Zebra fights off a Crocadile by biting it's eye

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