Tuesday, August 28, 2007

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If you say a fact enough times it becomes a truth..........

The number of “vegan children” is also set to soar. Already, around 1.5m American children aged 8-18 are vegetarian. This trend could spell trouble for the meat industry, which has already launched a counter-offensive. “If the Veggie Child trend is sustained through adulthood, the industry’s future could be at risk,” says Mr Penn, who foresees a growing market for “designer veggies” and tips soya-bean futures as “a great investment”.

(AS CHIEF strategist to Hillary Clinton in her presidential bid, Mark Penn has been tipped by The Economist as the “next Karl Rove”. But when not wondering how best to take the White House, Mr Penn is a business guru too. He runs a corporate public-relations giant, Burson-Marsteller, and has advised many top company bosses. Washington, DC insiders will browse his new book, “Microtrends”, for clues on how the Hillary-for-president campaign will be run; others should read it for its dozens of social insights that could well be turned to profit. )

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mark anson said...

The meat industry itself is the problem. Not veg mums and dads and their children.

If mankind stops wasting resources used for the production of meat, if instead there is a focus on removing the scourges of war, poverty, curable diseases and climate change, then this world will become a very beautiful place.

Mark Anson @ www.EthicalNews.com