Monday, August 13, 2007

Vegan Gluten Free Christmas Cake

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Gluten free Christmas recipe is suitable for everyone - dairy & wheat free, vegan Christmas cakes, puddings, snacks & baking.

Zedz Foods Gluten Free Vegan Christmas Cake & Christmas Pudding.

Yvonne Bishop-Weston from Foods for Life Nutritionists, London says "Up to 1 in 3 people now believe they have some form of food intolerance. It's not just small family businesses such as Zedz that are fulfilling the rising demand for gluten free and free from foods"

Arla one of the biggest dairy producers in Europe report that 95% of Asians, 75% of Afro Caribbean and 1 in 7 of people in the UK are likely to be intolerant to dairy and have targeted the free from market with a new milk. "Sales of Dairy free foods have risen dramatically and you can get a range of dairy free milks from rice and hazlenut milk to quinoa and even hemp seed milk." says Yvonne.

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