Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Liar Liar Kraft Dairylea NOT Good Stuff

BBC NEWS | UK | Dairylea advert 'misled' public
liar liar kraft dairylea NOT packed full of good stuff say ASA ruling KRAFT DAIRYLIAR ? Kraft have joined Nestle and other manufacturers of dairy foods reprimanded for making pseudo health claims about dairy foods that just aren't true.

A Dairylea online advert claiming its Lunchables snack was "packed with good stuff" was misleading, a watchdog says.

The Advertising Standards Authority said on average each portion contained half the recommended daily intake of salt for four to six-year-olds.

ASA found two of the six products tested had high levels of saturated fat. It received three complaints about the advert which showed various Dairylea Lunchables sandwiches and the phrase: "Packed with good stuff".

The watchdog found the claim had breached advertising rules and told Kraft not to repeat it.

ASA said the advert claim implied "that Lunchables contained a high proportion of nutrients that were beneficial to health, when we understood that they contained high levels of saturated fat and sodium".

ASA added: "We therefore concluded that the claim 'packed with good stuff' was misleading."

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