Friday, August 24, 2007

Donny Osmond Vegan TV Identity is Toughest Test


donny osmond - Identity Vegan on TV show

On Donny Osmond’s new TV game show on BBC 2, Identity, guessing the vegan identity proves to be one of the toughest identities of the whole TV series.

70’s Pop icon Donny Osmond hosts the new TV show Identity – the ultimate TV mind-game on weekday afternoons on BBC Two.

Already a massive hit in the US, Identity is an intense game of impulse and reasoning. It stretches the contestants' powers of judgement, perception and instinct as they attempt to match 12 complete strangers with their secret identities. The more strangers they identify, the more cash they win.

The Identity contestant has to use all their powers of deduction and perception to work out who is who – from the first Bond girl to the world’s strongest man or the GP to the glamour model. If they can match all 12 strangers to their identities, they can walk away with a cash jackpot of £10,000.

In one of the shows one of the strangers is a vegan and trying to identify their vegan identity proves to be one of the hardest shows of the Identity TV series.

Just what does a typical vegan look like? These days it’s hard to tell, the old stereotypes painted by the media of skinny, bearded, smelly left wing hippies are long gone. There was recently a two page feature in the Daily Mail detailing the diary of one of their journalists who went vegan for a month and cut his cholesterol levels by nearly 25%. With the realisation that a vegan diet and lifestyle can be a recipe that’s kinder to the environment, kinder to health and of course kinder to animals, people from all walks of life and all age groups are becoming vegan.

There are vegan Doctors, vegan firemen, vegan athletes even vegan accountants.

How can you tell a vegan from the average stranger? By the clothes they wear? “Not any longer” says a spokesperson from “Fake furs are now better than the real thing, Italian suits can be made in linen and fine spun organic cotton or even hemp.” By their shoes? Not any more, apparently companies such as Beyond Skin and Stella McCartney have haute couture for even the most ethically minded. By their physique? “Not all vegans are super healthy,” say the super-vegans “most vegans adopt a vegan lifestyle for ethical reasons rather than health benefits, however many vegans still manage to look much younger than they actually are.”

So who is the vegan stranger on Donny Osmond’s new TV show. Is it a he or a she? Is he or she old or young? Fat or thin? Old or young? You’ll have to watch to find out, this could prove to be one of the hardest mind games on TV ever –.

Would be contestants are being invited to try their luck and play “spot the vegan” at

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scotchio said...

Hi, I was the contestant on this episode, I can only re-iterate how hard it was trying to spot the vegan - definately a valuable lesson in stereotypes!

Tony - FoodsForLife said...

How much would you have won if you correctly guessed the Vegan??