Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Vegan Statistics - research, studies, & data on veganism.

World Vegan Day - STATISTICS - Vegan and meat-free/meat reducer/dairy free markets: "One of the key facts that one should not loose sight of is the fact the the most important statistic is NOT the number of actual vegans.
The number of people prefering and buying vegan products is the ultimate factor in driving the vegan movement forward. The consumers who would just prefer to be kinder to health, people, animals and the environment are the people making new product development and investment in vegan products financially viable.

One of the wonderful advantages of healthy vegan food is that it can be equally enjoyed by a meat eater trying to cut down on cholesterol as someone with a dairy intolerance protecting themselves against osteoporosis - vegan food is not just for vegans.Ask any succesful veggie restaurant and they'll tell you 60 - 70% of their customers are omnivores enjoying veganics on a regular basis."

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