Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Give Peas A Chance "Grab 5! School Menu Challenge 2005
The fourth Grab 5! School Menu Challenge is underway, with the finals at Thomas Danby College, Leeds, on the 22nd November 2005.
Secondary school students are being challenged to tempt primary kids' palates with their recipes for healthy school meals packed with five different types of fruit & veg and must include peas. Primary school children and experts will judge the meals.
The 'Challenge,' run by the charity Sustain, the alliance for better food and farming, earned national recognition and glowing tributes from successive Government public health ministers and schools in its first three years. Sponsored by the nation's vegetable growers and freezing companies, it will be even bigger and better this year.
Schools UK-wide have claimed significant benefits for both individual pupils and whole classes participating in the 'Challenge'. The certificates of commendation for all regional finalists and plaques for the schools have been much coveted. "

What is 5 a Day

Give Peas a Chance - Grab 5 for schools campaign

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