Thursday, June 09, 2005

Birmingham Health Outbreak may cause epidemic say experts

out break of vegan health at festival could couse epidemic of healthy, ethical eating in UK

ClickPress | Outbreak Strikes in Birmingham - Could lead to UK Epidemic Say Experts: "Outbreak Strikes in Birmingham - Could lead to UK Epidemic Say Experts

An outbreak of veganism in Birmingham on Saturday the 18th of June is predicted to cause an epidemic of ethical living, environmental responsibility and healthier eating throughout the UK.

As reported in the most recent issue of the New Scientist 'there is a rush to vegetarianism and veganism in the UK.'

Prior to The Vegan Society's 60th Anniversary and Diamond Jubilee celebrations there was only one Vegan festival per year in the capital. Now they are threatening to breakout all over the UK as more and more people become infected with a healthy, more ethical way of life that in one simple action makes an enormous difference to the future of the world.

Realfood, a not for profit educational vegan group, creators of the Vegan Buddy scheme and a number of helpful magazines and websites say 'Nearly everyone we meet at our vegan events, after tasting the new delicious vegan foods, agrees that veganism makes total sense. People are now as likely to ask 'why do you eat meat?', as 'why are you vegan?'

This is the first time there has been a vegan festival in the Midlands and as it's the heart of England it is much easier for everyone to get to. It's predicted we'll hit critical mass and it will start a domino effect throughout the country with vegan festivals, new vegan products and vegan menus popping up all over Britain.

'Unlike MRSA or Avian Flu this new epidemic will save human and animals lives and benefit the environment' Says Tony Bishop-Weston author of 'Vegan' by Hamlyn.


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