Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Vegan shoes and Vegan fashion

chic vegan shoes

newsobserver.com | Style goes vegan: by samantha.smith@newsobserver.com.

For years, vegans who wanted to stick to a cruelty-free philosophy in both their diet and fashion meant they often had to sacrifice style. Jimmy Choo stilettos don't come in synthetic leathers. Louis Vuitton isn't known for canvas satchels. In fact, only a few high-end designers - among the best-known, Stella McCartney - are conscious about not using animal products in the vegan shoes, jackets and handbags they design.

Vegans say the changes have made sticking to their beliefs easier.

Stephanie Hodges, a 33-year-old vegan from Chapel Hill, said now she often finds a vegan shoes at most national stores she shops at. "A lot of times you come across something when you're not even looking," she said. "I don't feel like there's anywhere that's mainstream where I can't shop."

Zita Resnais, a 22-year-old from Cary, said her vegan finds these days are typically by accident.

"There are vegan things all over the place," she said "People who want to find them, do. If you're a vegan, you want to go that extra step."

The widest selection of vegan shoes and accessories, however, are found on the Web, local vegans say, including specialty stores such as alternativeoutfitters.com and mooshoes.com, but also at shoe giants such as zappos.com, which has a limited selection of vegan shoes for men, women and children.

And when all else fails, there's even a new fashion blog now for vegans, veganfashionblog.com, helping vegans find cruelty-free style options, including shoes and handbags.

For some ofthe best Vegan Shoes in the world see http://www.beyondskin.co.uk

For a vegan fashion show visit the ethical living vegan festival at www.bristolveganfayre.co.uk


Shiny Starlet said...

Thanks for the links. I wanted to add Moo Shoes at 152 Allen Street for people in NYC. I've shopped there a bunch of times and they are fabulous.
They have a website

Great site, I'll be visiting often

Maide said...

Greetings from germany and thanks for
the great animal friendly informations.

Hope that more blogs are present
vegan products.

Its time to stop killing animals.

Iam on the way to live vegan...since 10 years i am vegetarian...but this is not enough....

In this times you have so much
alternatives to live vegan.

Animals are our friends. We have to respect and to save them.


Maide Unique and Vegan Spats

Jenn said...

I'm glad to see that the vegan fashion movement is catching on! For another vegan fashion blog, check out www.compassionatefashion.com