Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Vegan Cyclists to Go Pro

Vegan Cyclists go pro

Vegan Cyclists

The team, part of the nonprofit organization Organic Athlete, is the first elite cycling team in the United States whose members exclusively follow a vegan lifestyle.

OrganicAthlete is the creation of Sebastopol resident Bradley Saul, who is also a member of the cycling team. Saul said he created OrganicAthlete to inform other athletes about veganism and to create a community and support group for athletes who are vegan.

“We’re trying to dispel the myth that you can’t be health-based and fit,” Saul said.

Although there are other vegan cycling teams, Team Vegan, founded this year, is unique because it has so many category one and two riders, Saul said. The team participates in the highest-level amateur races.

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