Friday, April 20, 2007

Pig fat to be mixed in with diesel

pigs fat for diesel

BBC NEWS | Business | Pig fat to be turned into diesel

Ethical osmetic companies such as Lush are obviously having an effect on the animal fat soap trade. Now factories processing pigs are turning their attention to turning pig fat into Diesel.

It seems that Hindhu, Jewish, muslim, vegetarian and vegan lorry drivers may be looking for new jobs. The oil companies plan to mix the pig oil in with ordinary diesel so you won't even be able to choose.

Unbelievably they are pitching this as an environmentally friendly product!!

While other car fuel replacement products already exist in the form of bio ethanol - made from grain, plant fats and sugar cane - Mr Webster said that animal diesel will not be made at a cost to food production.

"We won't be processing animals simply to get the fat to turn them in to fuel. We're taking a by-product and using that for fuel," Mr Webster said.

Ironically he also says "We feel that it is a huge step forward as opposed to taking grains which are needed for food around the world and turning those in to fuel."

Well DOH! whose food are the animals eating? How much rain-forest is being chopped down to grow GM soya to feed to animals not people??!!??

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Doug and Beth said...

Even better is that these animal factories are a major cause of emissions - I believe moreso than cars and trucks combined. But why would they consider compromising their profitability for the future of our earth?