Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Vegan Cooks for 150m BBC listeners.

A Vegan cooks from his vegan cookbook for 150 million BBC world service listeners today as the media warms up for the Vegetarian Society's National Vegetarian Week.

The BBC Worldservice Outlook team tasted a variety of vegan sausages, fishless salmon and tuna, dairy free cheese,and bacon from Redwoods and specially prepared dairy free egg free vegan orgasmic chocolate mousse.

Tony Bishop Weston was invited to cook from his cook book vegan on a program about soya at the BBC's Bush house in London England.

Hamlyn Vegan Cookbook $14.95 ISBN 0600611906 (USA) £12.99 ISBN 0600609154 (UK)available worlwide from Amazon and Borders and other bookshops.

Listen to BBC Outlook Programme from the BBC World Service

More about The Vegan Cook Book

More about the products featured on the programme from Redwood Wholefoods

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