Wednesday, April 27, 2005

UK Pub Chain sells more veggie Food thanks to Jamie Oliver

Brewers Fayre sees upturn in healthy orders - 26 April 2005

Where burgers and nuggets once dominated, more than half of the customers are regularly ordering more balanced meals.

"We've seen a visible change in our customers' eating habits which we can only assume is due, in part, to the Jamie Oliver programme," comments Suzanne Ryder, marketing manager at Brewers Fayre.

Brewers Fayre's new children's menu, launched in June, will feature even more variety including dishes such as mashed potato with 'hidden vegetables'; carrot and swede, a miniature version of the Glamorgan vegetarian burger from the adult menu and a new cheese pasta.

Mrs Ryder adds: "It's amazing that one young man has done more to improve the eating habits of a generation than the combined attentions of nagging parents and government advice - finally good food is cool for kids."

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