Tuesday, April 05, 2005

British Nutrition Foundation still a few vegetables short of a balanced dinner plate.

Here is the dairy news - Health - Times Online: "Bridget McKevith, a nutrition scientist for the British Nutrition Foundation, says "Too high an intake of animal protein is known to affect bone health adversely,the same is true of highly processed foods and products that cause high levels of acidity, such as fizzy drinks." But McKevith and the majority of nutritionists remain cautious about the suggestion emerging from this research that it may be time to ditch the dairy, because full-fat milk is a "convenient source" of fat and calories for children under 12. "

Dear me Bridget- have you seen the latest stats on childhood obesity and behaviour problems? Yes they need fat but its not SFAs they need it's EFAs. Wake up and smell the decaff it's about time you started recommending more green vegetables, sunshine, soya, hemp and flax!

Time to forget about babies breast milk from another species and think about human nutrition! Too many kids are growing up to quickly reach the size of a small cow.


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