Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Lambs to The Slaughter - In Wrong Place at Wrong time

A classic case of being born in the wrong place at the wrong time. Please help stop this Bureaucratic needless slaughter..."Lincolnshire Lambs to be Lamb Chopped"

For what ? Petfood?

The Sun Newspaper Online - UK's biggest selling newspaper: "AN abattoir boss was last night trying to save two new-born lambs from the chop.
David Wrights workers adopted the pair after they arrived unexpectedly as their mother was about to be killed. But bureaucrats have ordered that the animals called Mint and Sauce must be slaughtered because of strict hygiene rules.
Determined David, 53, said last night:

We will take this as far as we need to. The lambs are healthy and do not need to be killed.

Workers at the abattoir in Boston, Lincs, also want to save the ewe who gave birth to the lambs last Wednesday night.
David says the animals could easily be moved to a field where he keeps his own sheep.

Cuddly ... lambs with David

But officials from the Department of Food and Rural Affairs say the lambs should have been killed within 48 hours of arriving at the abattoir.

Keeping them alive breaches rules designed to stop the spread of diseases like foot and mouth.

David said: "If they want the lambs killed they should come here and do their dirty work themselves. This should be a special case. It's a one-off."

To save the Lambs contact Hillside Animal Sanctuary who have offered Quarantine facilities.

And please also contact DEFRA

To get them to change their mind.

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