Wednesday, November 05, 2014

World Vegan Month starts with a BANG!

2014 has seen unprecedented amount of coverage in the national newspapers for World Vegan Day enjoying over a year's worth of publicity for The Vegan Society's 70th Birthday over just one weekend. A great way to kick start World Vegan Month in the UK.

The only blot on the vegan landscape is that once again Google decided to snub world vegan day and refuse to do a Vegan Google Doodle Voogle to celebrate the day. That would have been the icing on the egg free dairy free cake , buy hey, just look at the list of successes below !

The BBC  Vegan just so Rock 'n' Roll  Vegan MPs in Parliament - "Chips are down!"

The Daily Mirror Very amusing - cleverly gets main vegan points across in a tongue in cheek way Sexy Vegan lady dresses in lettuce leaves

The Guardian - Businesses challenged to be more vegan

The Daily Mail

Dee's wholefoods Healthy inspired vegetable based vegan sausages for National Sausage Week and World Vegan Month are 'scrumptious' Girls strip nude - public nudity in London

The Telegraph - Vegan fashion shoes and handbags Nutritionist Ian Marber tries a vegan diet for the weekend with help from vegan chef Tony Bishop-Weston ;-)

The Independent Recipes Naked teenagers bare all in public

Evening Standard

And all sorts of other places

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