Sunday, November 16, 2014

Interest in Vegan Diets in UK Doubles in Two Years

Google Trends reveals that interest in veganism over the last two years has more than doubled. Interest in vegan diets has been steadily rising over the last 10 years but stories in the press about the horse meat scandal, the dire situation about the environment, plus health scares about eating meat and dairy, have led to a phenominal increase in interest in veganism in the UK

Interest in veganism and the solutions it provides have been noted all over the world. The UK is not the only place to have seem dramatic increase in interest in vegan diets, Australia, Canada, Germany and Israel have also seen ubiqitous changes.

UK interest in Vegan doubled in 2 years

Dramatic increase in Vegan awareness all over world
Whilst Vegfest UK couldn't claim to be the sole reason veganism has grown so quickly in theUK since 2012 Vegfest has undeniably played a very big part in the jigsaw.

In straw polls taken at Vegfest 20% of those interviewed said they would be changing their diet following their visit to Vegfest UK. Time to get a Vegan Cookbook?

"Clearly any food manufacturer investing in NPD  and wanting to break a new product into the UK market would be shooting themselves directly in the foot by not making it to VegfestUK and engaging with the thousands of visitors looking for new solutions" says consultant Tony Bishop-Weston

This year, in a new bigger venue, VegfestUK offers even more reasons for visitors to visit with political debates and a conference on sustainability.

This emerging market offers unique investment opportunity for all types market opportunities and those with creative ideas on healthier, more sustainable versions and vegan alternatives to products we know and love but can no longer justify. Products that are healthy, more environmentally friendly and more ethically produced win hands down if they are of the same quality of experience (eg Taste) and competitively priced.
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