Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Vegan Google Doodle Voogle to Celebrate 70 Vegan Years

Please ask the Google Doodle people for a vegan Google Doodle ( Voogle )
A Vegan Google Doodle Voogle for world vegan day?

To celebrate 70 years of vegan on World Vegan Day 1st November 2014 Please send a request to Google asking them to design and post a google doodle , a Voogle, on and  on November the 1st

See the  World Vegan Day Facebook Page for more information and to submit your suggestions

Email Google

Tweet Google @GoogleDoodles

N.B. Lake District UK pacifist Donald Watson created the word vegan and founded the world's first Vegan Society at a meeting in London in Early November 1944 after being denied permission to set up a sub group of the UK Vegetarian Society for those who wanted to avoid all animal cruelty and exploitation. He advocated a 100% plant based diet adding cheese, eggs and honey onto the Vegetarian list of foods to leave with their producers.

70 years on Scientists have discovered that a vegan diet is not just kinder for animals and nurtures a more compassionate understanding psyche but is also better for the planet and human health with vegans far less likely to suffer from avoidable chronic conditions such as diabetes, bowl cancer and heart disease. Leading philanthropists such as Bill Clinton and Bill Gates are suggesting that we all need to be more vegan for the survival of the planet and the human race

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