Sunday, February 27, 2011

Size 0 Anorexic Chic Horror of London Fashion Week

Healthy Eating & Nutrition News: Size Zero 0 Anorexic Chic Horror of London Fashion Week:

Vegan Zombies at London Fashion Week give healthy vegan eating a bad name!

Goodness knows most people would benefit from a vegan diet and loosing a few pounds and reducing their risks of heart disease, diabetes, stroke. cancer.

But these Vegan Zombie freaks at London Fashion week are giving veganism and fashion a bad name.

Anorexics have long used veganism as an excuse to avoid nutritious food and waste their bodies away, back stage these girls rarely touch the fruit and celery on offer for fear of their malnourished bodies bloating before they get on the catwalk.

If they were interested in health they probably wouldn't then smoke, take cocaine, E, and the other dodgy pills that their fashion industry and model agency pimps hook them into.

Healthy Vegan Woody Harrelson kills Zombies in Zombieland
The irresponsible designers that condone this look may as well be pushing alcoholics swigging vodka or smack addict junkies smoking from a crack pipe up into the catwalk - it's just as irresponsible

"This irresponsible behaviour by the fashion industry is encouraging a new generation of girls with eating disorders" says Yvonne Bishop-Weston Nutritionist London

The Fashion Industry clearly needs Vegan muscle bound Zombie specialist Woody Harrelson to rid the Fashion Industry of these Zombies. London Fashion Week should never allow these deluded, exploited, obsessive and malnourished models back to walk the catwalk unless it's at a Psychologists and Nutritionists conference on chronic eating disorders.

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