Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tesco's Vegan Offer

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Tescos go Vegan (Tease)

Following Tesco's roasting by Viva Animal rights for using meat to make electricity (5/8/09 Telegraph) Tesco have asked The Vegan Society what it is that Tesco could do better for their vegan customers as part of a general review.

I'm sure you all have thousands of good ideas

Please let Tesco know what they are - send an email to customer.service @ tesco with 'Make it Vegan' in the subject line

My ideas for Tesco's new vegan range were, first steps first, nice and easy 1) A healthy vegan sandwich 2) Take the unneccesary milk out of everything from baked beans and tomato ketchup to naan bread and sandwiches 3) Vegan Pizzas and Vegan Chocolate Cake.

and yes of course I gave them a recipe!


Jenny said...

Thanks for this link, I sent a mail off with a couple of suggestions :D

Nina E J said...

Woop go vegan tesco!