Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Part Time Vegans Invade Planet Earth

The vegan before dinner time diet - Times Online

part time vegan

Watch out cruel world - the peasants are revolting and they are turning vegan sausage by sausage.

More and more people are grasping the concept by Paul McCartney of part time vegetarianism. Mark Bittman of the New York Times claims to be Vegan before 6pm.

And why not? How many Catholics do you know who use a condom or don't eat fish on a Friday fryday, how many Jews do you know that have the occasional prawn or salmon or even worse the old bacon sandwich, or worse still a ham and cheese sandwich??

How many Christians do you know that work on a Sunday, or Jews who work Saturday, or Muslims who work Fridays and skip going to Mosque??

Why should vegans exclude themselves from the advantages and convenience of hypocrisy ?

Answers on a post card to The Sunday Times please

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Human_Being said...

Loosen up a bit there Tony! Nothing wrong with a little inter-racial eating! Read this: