Monday, August 03, 2009

Kate Moss - Vegan Fur Horror

kate moss, jamie Hince, Stella McCartney vegan fur crime Bunny Boiler - Kate Moss's vegan boyfriend Jamie Hince Fur Horror

It seems Bunny Boiler Kate Moss is bored with chain smoking Vegan boyfriend Jamie Hince, she's calling 'Drivetime' by dampening bed hopping with a warren's worth of rabbit car crash, a throw made of skinned bunnies that is making Jamie throw the towel and throwing up his arms and his guts in response to Kate's latest display of inhumanity.

Jamie's said to be hopping mad about her total disregard for his feelings on Rabbit fur and alleged to have said "it's me or the dead things"

Perhaps Jamie has had enough of Kate's zombie like sado-masochistic necrophilia loving.

What do we care? chain smoking Jamie is hardly a good advert for healthy sustainable ethical living.

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