Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Heather Mills Restaurant-V-Bites

Fish's off... Heather Mills gets high and mighty as her vegan café replaces seafood diner | Mail Online Says the Sunday Mail

In Heather Mills' own inimitable style she climbed up a ladder onto the roof of her new vegan restaurant to address the gathered crowd at the opening of her new vegetarian restaurant V-Bites. The Ultimate Vegan Cafe Heather Mills has everything on the menu from vegan Mr Whippy Ice Cream and vegan chicken nuggets to a full Vegan Sunday Roast and full monty traditional all day cooked breakfast.

Heather Mills Launches V-Bites Restaurant

Heather Mills' Vegan Cafe opened on July the 4th and does have an air of a cafe from Las vegas an all American neon Michael Jackson glitz and glamour sign from the outside but inside it's all typical traditional Englishness complete with delightful tea cakes and cup cakes that will delight the ladies who lunch on the south coast of England in Brighton and Hove.

Heather Mills says "VBites will offer a balanced menu of unique meatless meats and vegan treats with a gastronomic feast of dishes inspired by every corner of the globe. VBites' talented chefs will be serving recipes, everything from Bangers and Mash to Chicken Style Nut Korma, mini pitta pockets with Beefy Wok Strips to amazing salads and yummy fruit smoothies, a Traditional English breakfast, Pad Thai served with rice noodles, Sag Paneer with vegan feta cheese, full Sunday roast with all the trimmings and a wide range of delicious sandwiches including a ‘ham’, cheese and tomato toastie and a classic BLT."

"To keep the kids happy, there is also a yummy children’s menu with a wide range of choices to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters. The little ones can choose from a varied selection including ‘Fishy Fingers’ or ‘Chiky Nuggets' served with chips and a choice of peas or baked beans (all of the chips served at VBites are oven baked) and Spaghetti Bolognaise.

For those with a sweet tooth, VBites will feed your desires with gorgeous chocolate muffins, tasty cakes and delectable desserts. The café’s ice-cream bar will serve fruit smoothies, plus a very special VBites version of the traditional Mr Whippy ice-cream…Mrs Swirly!"

heather mills restaurant cafe v-bites vegan vegetarian food

Hove Lagoon
East Sussex
T: 01273 933757
W: www.vbites.com
Opening Hours: 09:30 – 23:30 7 days a week

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Ninda said...

It was disappointing to visit your eaterery with some vegan friends,yes you have some great pulse based and soya stuff, I happen to dislike both, and would appreciate some more veg based stuff, as a confirmed meat eater, I only do this with my friends, would also like more gluten free stuff too, being a confirmed blood type woman,by the famous Peter D'Adoamo and would hope that things will change, no second visit otherwise!!
Diana Price