Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Chilli Cook Off - Brick Lane

all star lanes brick lane chilli cook off
Chilli Cook Off Competition Brick Lane- Bring a spoon FREE BEER!

Yours truly will be cooking up a vegan chilli in Brick Lane tommorrow.

In amongst all the ground Beef I'll be making a stand for meat free monday (Thursday?) at 95 Brick Lane in a Chilli Cook off Competition.

at least One for the environment and health!

They'll be supplying free beer for half an hour 1:30 - 2.00pm - after the judging andto toast the winner.

Looks like I'll be entering The Devil's Den It sounds sooooo 'Fay Maschler' - I'm a dead man walking.


MannyS said...

Be vegan!! Check out this new website - many members in it, like me, are vegan, and theres groups for it!

you get your own channels!!

mangocheeks said...

So how was the chilli cook off?

Tony - FoodsforLife said...

Judge said my entry did well (they didn't realise it was vegan!) It was a blind test and I drew no. 20 which meant mine was tasted last so no surprise they said mine could have done with more spice and heat.

I went for the 5 a day approach, cramming in lots of colourful fruit and veg rather than using Redwoods' fortified high protein soya mince

On reflection I think something a bit more bog standard would have done better.

However 1st and 2nd place went to the chef and a director of the venue - All Star Lanes.......

mangocheeks said...

Thanks for sharing Tony.

Yeah, being one of the last plates to judge is not really fair, is it. Still thank you for flying the vegetarian and vegan flag for us all.

This is a great blog. Thank you for keeping us informed of worldy happenings related to vegetarian and vegan food in this country and in other parts of the world. I salute you!