Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Heather Mills buys ‘ethical’ Redwood Wholefoods

Vegan Heather buys ‘ethical’ food firm to rival Linda McCartney’s | News

There I was dismissing this rumour as poetic licence and mere exagerated use of the "Royal we". I didn't doubt that Heather Mills had invested, she has her dollars in many ethical pies, but I just couldn't see Kieth and Rod retiring so early on.

Heather Mills Buys Redwoods, Vegan manufacturer

So public apology Heather! I stand corrected. You are the proud owner of the manufacturer of the best meat, fish and dairy free analogues in the world.

I wonder how long before we get a V-Bites in London? There's a lovely 300 year old pub around the corner from us in Croydon that needs saving and would make a LOVELY v-bites and Holistic Health centre and Arts centre.

This story even got into the Sun today - in their true inimitable libellous style.

"The animal rights campaigner - dubbed Mucca for her porn past - said: "Buying the company is a dream come true." - Redwood's Rod Garland said: "Heather shares our values."

I think that's the second time the Sun has used the word Vegan!

See also V- Bites Press Release

And review of V-Bites in Daily Telegraph

NB: Redwoods directors say they aren't retiring just yet and say that they have 'complementary skills' - That must be PR - I don't think Redwoods have ever had so much Free publicity as since they invited Heather to ho..., erm leap into bed with them.

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