Tuesday, June 02, 2009

New Modernised Vegan Logo

New Modernised Vegan Logo for Vegetarian Vegan and Free From Foods

vegan logo symbol

At last someone has redesigned the hippyshopper 1960's groovy Vegan society Logo.

Vegan Milk and Chocolate pioneer Plamil were motivated by The Vegan Society's decision to allow "may contain milk" on labelling.

Having rebranded, reformultated and repackaged their products Plamil felt they had no option but to also redesign the Vegan logo to reflect their 100% vegan factory and strict free from quality standards.

Riding the crest of a wave caused by Cadbury's Green & Blacks decision on listing milk powder in the ingredients Plamil's timing couldn't have been better and they have won a string of awards.

There is a dilemma with Vegan and Vegetarian symbols as despite the charities claiming they stand for health and the environment this is not reflected in the standards set by their licensing departments. The Vegan Society licence products such as Uncle Joes Mint Balls.

It's hoped that the standards for this new Vegan logo symbol will not just reflect greater purity but healthier more fairly traded products too.


Tony - FoodsforLife said...

Plamil say their new vegan device was designed to reflect their decision to try to look at the world as a whole (planet) and a respect for all life (sprouting plant and Halo) and responsibility for the health of the environment (hills)

Nina E J said...

Sounds good, I like the old logo a lot thought!