Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Meat Eaters Now Killed Sea Too

Bluefin tuna collapsed in 2007, says new report at The End of the Line Blog

Man's greedy, selfish, nihilistic quest for meat has now led to the death of the seas as well as the surface of the Earth, the ice caps and the rainforests.

As mans greed for meat has led to the destruction of the lungs of the planet - the rainforests now man has gone on to destroy the oceans through greedy short sighted over fishing.

Fishermen have illegally exceeded limits on catch and size to put themselves out of a job.

It's worried that the adult well travelled tuna that man has probably fished to extinction lead other smaller fish to spawning grounds - the full repercussions of this are unknown but could be catastrophic.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a gruesome photo. The over-harvesting of the seas has got to end, as does greedy consumerism. I wish that the masses could approach the earth with a more grateful, respectful frame of mind rather than to just take, take, take. Nice post. :)