Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Healthy Vegan recipe DVD

healthy vegan recipes DVD

Healthy Vegan Recipe DVD - Perfect for Meat Free Monday!

Times were when everyone would just be content with a cookbook, these days in our world of cyber google you tube high tech internet ask jeeves instant twitter world possibly even a video is an out dated form of education - Here it is anyway. A Vegan Diet DVD with delicious recipes from Tony Bishop-Weston (who?) , John Bailey (a curly haired raw tart) and Rose Eliot (The Vegetarian thinking man's version of Delia Smith)

Buy one now before they all go! - DVD on Sale

Here's a secret preview, a snippet, a special treat just for you...

Smoked Tofu Pate from WDF TWO on Vimeo.

More video cookery treats here - healthy vegan recipes youtube or Buy Now

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