Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vegetarians kill 1/4 Million Calves in 2007

how free range is your cheese?
Eat British veal with a clear conscience, says RSPCA and CIWF

UK dairy lovers are responsible for the deaths of 1/4 Million Veal Calves in 2007

Last year around 260,000 young, male dairy calves were condemned as "waste products" in the UK, as they don't produce milk and are rarely used for beef due to their low muscle tone. These animals are either shot at birth or exported to the Continent for veal.

It's astonishing that the RSPCA and CIWF suggest the solution is to eat more British Veal!(Once described as the worst 4 letter word in the English language by comedy legend Spike Milligan)

Surely the logical answer is to eat less dairy and go vegan!

If you are a member of The Vegetarian Society please urge them to spill the beans on milk production and tighten up their policy on dairy cow welfare at their AGM!

Vegsoc AGM 2008


kate said...

I am not comforted by a photo of a cow chained in a small enclosure.

kate o'donnell

Tony - FoodsforLife said...

KATE: discomfort - cow chained in a small enclosure

Well then use soya, rice, coconut, almond, oat, quinoa, pea or hemp milk instead - it's that easy.