Monday, August 18, 2008

Gwyneth Paltrow D listed by Vegans & Vegetarians

one fur hat - 2 spoilt bitches - anti fur advert
Fur flies as Gwyneth Paltrow offends her animal-rights friends - Nature, Environment - The Independent

Gyyneth Paltrow is doing nothing to stop stories of Marriage troubles in fact she is actively fuelling rumours that her marriage with Vegan frontman of Coldplay Chris Martin is on the rocks.

Her latest trick is to actively provoke scorn from her celebrity vegetarian and vegan friends such as Moby and Stella McCartney and rattle the cage of a host of animal welfare organisations such as respect, PetA, ViVA!, Animal Aid who are spitting feathers, tearing hair out amidst a flurry of fur flying around in disbelief that she has committed the ultimate veggie sin - modelling fur - yes fur!

Sadie Frost - anti Fur Advert Vegetarians begrudgingly accept other people unecessarily killing to eat as despite the evidence some people still consider that meat is an essential part of a healthy diet and prevokes the most basic of survival instincts.

Fur on the other hand (or on the other paw) is considered taboo. Thats killing and torture purely for vanity, for fashion, for kicks, for money - for a sick kind of fun. Animals are often killed by inserting an electrode up their bumhole and killing the animal by electrocution so as not to damage the fur. It takes a special kind of sadist to think up an execution like that.

Sophie Ellis Bextor anti Fur advert - here's the rest of your fur coat! There are a number of celebrity anti fur adverts. Sophie Ellis Bextor's - "here's the rest of your fur coat is probably one of the most gruesome since it takes up[ to 40 dumb animals to make a fur coat but just one to wear it" with a model on a catwalk trailing blood behind her.

anti fur poster - respect- 40 dumb animals to make it one to wear it

We wonder what on earth Gwyneth Paltrow was thinking. She must have known what would happen - it's rumoured she's desperate for publicity - but this is A list dumbicity.

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