Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sir Paul McCartney calls Chef Stupid

paul mccartney vegetarian
The Press Association: Sir Paul slams chef veggie comments: "Sir Paul McCartney slams chef veggie comments

Sir Paul McCartney has criticised Gordon Ramsay - calling the TV chef 'stupid'.
Ramsay, 41, has angered the ex-Beatle, 66, with his outspoken comments against vegetarians.The foul-mouthed chef has annoyed the music legend by saying he could not tolerate it if one of his three daughters came home with a vegetarian boyfriend."

Ironically Gordon Ramsay shares Sir Paul McCartney's dim view of the chef. Ramsay says "you'd have to be F****** stupid to go out with a chef" - there's 2 things Ramsay's daughters are forbidden to do - go vegetarian and date a chef!

There's only one group of people Gordon Ramsay dislikes more than vegetarians and that's Traffic Wardens. Ramsay once said he'd rather go and work for the vegan society than be a traffic warden.

Last month Paul McCartney encouraged everyone to participate in meat out mondays we are presuming Gordon Ramsay isn't participating!


Katie said...

This chef must have a very small culinary repertoire if he's afraid of cooking for a vegetarian. Any enlightened chef would jump at the chance to prove himself as versatile and competent to serve anyone, and especially alternative eaters.

Almost Vegetarian said...

What silliness. Isn't Gordon Ramsay the one who slaughtered an animal in front of his children to show them where their food came from.

If that doesn't make them vegetarian, I don't know what will.