Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Vegans - Friends of The Earth

We received this call to arms today and thoroughly agree this could be a massive opportunity to educate many new people about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

Vegans urged to join friends of the earth News - ActiVeg - vegan inspiration, news & events: "Within our grasp is the support of the UK's most powerful environmental organization. If you only act on one issue this year, let it be this one - everything else pales into insignificance.
The vegan community has long understood the grave issues concerning meat consumption on many aspects of the environment. With the high profile emergence of the Global Warming as the pressing issue facing the planet, the role of livestock has at last started being examined with vigor."

Activeg goes on to say

The UN's ground breaking report last year has moved the devastating impact of our animal-based diets into the media's consciousness. But although we have understood the issues in great details for a long time, the general public is just getting the faintest idea that the diet they have been raised on may have enormous consequences for us all. We should never under-estimate the challenge in changing one's diet.

The voice of the vegetarian community is relatively weak compared with other campaigning groups. But when one of the big guns steps forward to enormously amplify our concerns, it is only a fool who ignores that opportunity.

That chance has appeared and we must act upon it, not just for the animals, but for the whole planet that every species relies on. Friends of the Earth (FoE) has, for the first time, started to speak on the "Meaty Issue". Earthmatters, the FoE members' magazine, has at last openly questioned its readership on their diet.

I can not over emphasise the importance of FoE's involvement in this issue. We must support them, and save the planet from the blight of meat and dairy diets. FoE have a voice so much stronger than ours and so widely respected. Use it. If FoE raises the huge environmental impact of animal farming, the other green organisation will follow.

What you must do
Join FoE. If you can't afford it then drop your subscription to one of your veggie organisations - the Vegan Society, the Vegetarian Society, Animal Aid .. . what ever - this is more important. If FoE delivers on this issue in response to support from members, then we will have hope in combating global warming and reducing the suffering of all animals in the process.
If you are already a member then increase your donation.
Contact them and tell them why you have joined or increased your donation and praise them for what has been a difficult decision for them.
Now complete the FoE meat survey. You can only do so as a member.
Thanks, you are really helping to saving the planet, all the life on it, and millions animals for a miserable life in farming.

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