Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Slave Trade - life is cheap at Tescos

BBC NEWS- Anger over £1.99 Tesco chickens

Kept in cramped acrid conditions, unable to walk properly, prone to disease and unusual growths and tumours, fed GM grain, standing most of it's life in excrement, reared by dispondent farmers struggling to make a living on rediculously low profit margins and forced to cut corners - this is no ord-in-ary chicken - this is tesco's chicken....

too cheap chicken Ok so if this chicken is £1.99 * what's it been fed? * what conditions has it been kept in? * What were the farmers paid to rear it? * what nutrients can it possibly contain ? * What a waste of resources to produce protein - most of the food fed to a chicken is turned into chickenshit not fat.

Tchicken - Tastes a bit like Tofu but with less minerals, less protein, more fat, more calories, more risk of disease.

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