Sunday, May 06, 2007

Gluten Free Vegan Wedding Cakes New Trend

Gluten Free Vegan Wedding Cakes & Birthday Cakes See New Demand As Eco-Chic Make by Zedz Foods Gluten Free Vegetarian Cakes, Muffins & Snacks

Apparently gluten-free wedding cakes are very in and U at the moment. Perhaps all the in-breeding has left the upper classes more susceptable to food intolerance ? (although food intolerance is very un U). The trouble is as soon as something becomes popularly known as being U it becomes Un-U very quickly - The Times reports Tomatoes are vulgar and now very un-U (proper people don't eat tomatoes)

Doves Farm report 20% of people believe that they have adverse reaction to particular foods including wheat, dairy, eggs and gluten.

Whatever, it seems to be wedding etiquette that you don't have a wedding cake that is full of ingredients that a quarter of your guests are trying to avoid.

Certainly veganism is becoming an unstoppable trend with fancy vegan restaurants opening up all over America and veganism now featuring regularly in the Fashion pages (see elsewhere on Vegan News)

gluten free wedding cakes, wheat free snacks and Muffins

Gluten Free Vegan Wedding Cakes & Birthday Cakes

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