Monday, March 12, 2007

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day

red nose day

Just do it!


Scott Hughes said...

What is Red Nose Day?

You might like the Vegan Forums.

yardbird.dana said...

Battery chickens bother me. I grew up with easter chicks, and respect all animal life.

I went to a feed store a couple of years ago and could not resist some chicks. I now have free range hens which produce beautiful eggs with orange yolks. How could anyone think that battery chickens are humane. My birds love to lay in the sun, bathe in the dirt, and have their own social organization. Go organic! I dont kill any birds, they can live with me as long as needed.

Portugal de Skate said...

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Anonymous said...

No entiendo tu idioma , salvo algunas palabras , pero puedo percibir la belleza.
LleguƩ aquƭ porque te vi entre los blog preferidos .