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BBC - London - Radio - Eddie Nestor`

BBC - London - Radio - Eddie Nestor goes vegetarian for a week.

BBC Radio London's Eddie Nestor goes vegetarian

As part of Animal Aid - National Vegetarian Month BBC London DJ Eddie Nestor is considering going vegetarian for a month.

Tony Bishop-Weston from Foods for Life and author of the Vegan cookbook was invited on to Eddie's show to say why it's a good idea.

Eddie asked if Tony had noticed a difference when he went vegan. Tony said that he used to eat a lot of cheese as a vegetarian and noticed his skin got much better on a vegan diet.

Laura called in to say she had been vegan but then got anaemic - Tony explained there is no reason for this as all nutrients are available in plant based versions including iron (green leafy veg, dried apricots, beans) and said that most of the people that London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston sees who are low in iron are meat eaters.

A Hindhu Gentleman called in saying Hinduism teaches that vegetarians were spiritually superior and those that meat were more likely to be aggressive and violent.

Then a guy called in supporting the Dairy Industry trying to turn the discussion to one about honey rather than the detrimental effects of meat and dairy on the environment and health.

Sadly he succeeded and the rest of the programme degenerated to a discussion about honey, despite Tony trying to steer the conversation back and suggesting he look on the Vegan Society website if he wanted to know more about honey and how male bees heads are cut off.

Tony did manage to put Eddie Straight on the Colin Jackson Saga on BBC 2's Truth about Food. Tony pointed out that Colin could have all the protein he needed if he wanted he just deliberately chose low protein options and then could have managed 5 more press ups rather than 5 less.

Businesses wishing to target the vegetarian market should check out the Bristol Vegan Fayre - a Health Food Trade Show Exhibition to target ethical consumers

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